„Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history“– Charles Darwin had already known that this sentence will cause an upset after the release of his book On The Origin Of Species in 1859. The acceptance of his evolutionary theory in the religious England was yet difficult enough, the idea that this logically also applies for the evolution of mankind, and we effectively didn’t had the right to declare ourselves as crown of creation anymore, nearly impossible. This powerful declaration is now picked up again and reinterpreted by Marius Klaas. In his musical project BORN IN AFAR he uses Darwin’s statements and those of modern scientists – like e.g. Richard Dawkins – as basis to address socio-critical issues from a neutral point of view. Darwin’s theory of evolution incidentally enables to suspend racism, extremism and xenophobia in any imaginable form and instead to establish a connection between humans, animals and nature.

The whole thing is musically packaged in a colourful mixture of singer-songwriter- as well as acoustic rock-elements and traditional music of the African continent. Hand-crafted music meets profound lyrics and is steeped in energetic rhythms and catchy guitar riffs – in doing so, earworms are guaranteed. A balance to the impulsive songs is struck by several ballads, where a totally different site appears and first and foremost because of Marius’ voice a gloomy and thought-provoking atmosphere is developed.

“I was already fascinated of the continent Africa as a child. As I then also met the various cultures and their traditional music, I knew that this absolutely had to be a component of my music. Since the cradle of humanity lies in the Afar-region of Ethiopia and the evolutionary thought was supposed to provide the basis, it was argumentative that also the name of the project has to deal with this subject in order to close the circle”, explains Marius about the founding idea of BORN IN AFAR. “Beside many different African artists also bands like Nightwish, Epica or Faun and the score of Disney’s The Lion King served as source of inspiration. Hence, not only traditional African music but also folk, rock and metal elements have a big influence and give some variety.”

Since BORN IN AFAR is actually a solo project and all songs are written completely by Marius himself, every song can live be performed in a special solo version by Marius (vocals & guitar) as well as in a trio band’s line-up together with different percussions and a further guitar. “This makes the whole thing much easier and more flexible. Thus, I can randomly match the songs to the size of the venue or the given occasion and play them in different versions. The whole idea behind the music can of course just be brought on stage with the complete band line-up, but on the other hand I am able to perform as a singer-songwriter as well and have therefore basically two musical projects in one.

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