Christmas campaign and updates

Since it has become a little bit quiet around BORN IN AFAR, I would like to give you some updates:

1. As a little Christmas campaign, my debut EP “Eden” will be available for 3,00€ in the BIA online store until the 31.12.2021. The income that is generated by the sales of CDs and merch will be donated to the Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation NPC. Follow this link:

2. I’m currently writing the last pages of my master thesis. Therefore, I’m still very busy but will definitely release another demo track titled “Under the Sun” by the end of THIS year!

3. There are many changes and aims planned for the upcoming year: I would love to turn BORN IN AFAR into a non-profit musical project in order to support different conservation organisations in the best possible way (mainly financially). As part of it, it’s my aim to record and publish a conservation EP by the end of 2022. Since I cannot bear the costs for recordings, CD production and music videos all by myself, the EP can only be realised with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will only be used to cover the costs, everything above will be donated to different conservation organisations in South Africa. This is also the case for every future sell of the CD! More information on this in due course.

4. There is also a small reason to celebrate: The BORN IN AFAR YouTube channel has reached 100 subscribers. To reach more people in the future I am very grateful for every further subscriber. So please, if you haven’t done so far, please hit the subscribe button and share it with your friends! Thank you very much!