First demo 2021: “Wanderlust”

Due to the pandemic, we were forced to cancel ten concerts in total (postponed shows included). This does not only mean that we had to efface ourselves compulsorily, but also that a lot of income is missing. Income that was originally supposed to be invested into studio recordings, music videos and recordings. Amongst other things, a studio recording of our cover of “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root was planned as well as a “Lion King – Medley”. Both songs will only be published in the best possible studio quality. Whenever this will be possible cannot be foreseen at the moment. Since there are also some changes behind the scenes – further information will follow in a due time – live concerts of BORN IN AFAR will happen towards the end of the year at the earliest.

Nevertheless, despite this the journey should go on! I used the time to write new music and to work my way into the art of audio engineering or rather into editing, mixing and mastering of recordings. On the one hand it was really exciting to watch my own music growing, on the other hand it will thus become much easier to release new music on a regular base – even if it’s not the highest studio quality – without being mindful of another cost factor. Since I’m quite satisfied with my very first result, I would like to share it with you in order to give you something positive during these difficult times!

“Wanderlust” is not a new song, but I’m convinced that it speaks for the soul of many of you. The topic of the song is a constant companion for my at least. I really hope you’ll enjoy listening to it!