No good news for the start of our year

There are sadly no good news for BORN IN AFAR at the beginning of the year. It comes as no surprise but we are forced to cancel all of the planned BIA concerts in March. This means in detail that four concerts are completely cancelled and that I try to find alternate dates for the three remaining concerts. The alternate dates will presumably take place in autumn but there are no concrete dates yet. However, the next concerts are planned for June so let’s cross our fingers that the situation will be a bit better then.

I really hope that I’m able to announce more positive news very soon. Since there are some very positive changes taking place in my private life, I’m optimistic that I will find time to get through things I wasn’t able to work on in the last weeks very soon. So please remain loyal to BORN IN AFAR and look forward to new songs as well as concerts in foreseeable future. If there is something new to announce, you will hear about it here or on the official BORN IN AFAR Facebook page.