Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation – Fundraiser Campagne

Dear people,

one more time I kindly ask for financial support for Eugene and his non-profit organisation, the “Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation“. To cover the costs for rescue and protection missions, ranger operations and veterinary treatment at least partially, a fundraiser campagne is running until the end of this month.

– Link fundraiser campagne:

I met Eugene during a bushwalk in South Africa, learned many interesting things about flora and fauna and had really nice conversations with him. He and his team are doing an important work and fight against poaching, the illegal trade of wildlife and killing for “bush meat”. You’ll find further information on him, the work of PNHF and the campagne here:

– Link video appeal Eugene:

There will be some essential changes for BORN IN AFAR in 2022. Among other things it will be the main aim to support the conservation of southern Africa’s nature and wildlife in many different ways. Since the current year was quite frustrating regarding BIA and responses on postings have sadly decreased constantly, I will at all keep this musical project alive just because I still have the hope to make people aware of the much-needed protection of nature and environment. You can hardly imagine how much I care about the African wildlife. I have a lot of wishes and aims for my future life, of which one is the connection between my music and exactly this love. Currently I am tied to my master thesis and the graduation of being a primary school teacher – one reason I am not able to publish new music and news on a regular base. Nevertheless, as soon as it is temporally and financially possible, this will be changed. …and the cooperation with the “Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation“ will play a major role as well.

Right now, I can only donate for the campaign of PNHF myself and warmly ask you for doing the same. As little incentive I am going to donate every income I make through the selling of CDs, sticker, postcarts, etc. via the BIA webshop in addition!

– Link webshop BORN IN AFAR:

Many thanks