Send Me On My Way (Rusted Root Cover)

It’s been exactly 4 years since I started my trip to South Africa. So far, the 3 months there were probably the most exciting of my life and the many impressions have shaped my life very strongly. I can’t wait to go back, start my ranger education and learn more about the incomparable flora and fauna. For the moment, however, it is precisely these many memories that keep me focused in difficult times, but at the same time make life seem incredibly difficult. And those memories are what made my cover of “Send Me On My Way” come about. I’ve always loved the original version of Rusted Root, but since my trip to South Africa this song has held a stronger meaning for me than almost any other. Basically, my version of the song is pure joy and longing at the same time as well as a homage to the Kruger National Park and Dave Holtzhausen, representative of the many great people I got to know:

I spent most of my time in South Africa with Tshega Christian Mission and worked in a primary school. Various excursions were offered at the weekend, including to the Kruger National Park. We were accompanied by Bron and Dave Holtzhausen, who put a lot of effort into making these trips unforgettable adventures. At the evening braai (South African barbecue), Dave would play his “classic rock playlist”, which included the song “Send Me On My Way”. This is why the song is inevitably linked to the following things in my head: Kruger National Park, campfires, a sky full of stars and the feeling of an incomparable inner peace…

Thank you very much for that!