Dear Community,

it is no secret that it is one of my biggest concerns to help protect to the South African wilderness with BORN IN AFAR. Now the time has come to take the first big step into the right direction.

At the beginning of the year Eugene, a field guide I met in South Africa, founded a non-profit organisation that has made it its mission to do everything possible to protect the South African bush and its animals. They destroy traps, rescue and rehabilitate injured animals, conduct research and educational work and fight against poachers. Meanwhile, a large network has emerged with other organisations that are committed to the preservation of the Kruger National Park and surrounding reserves.

 However, the corona crises has also seriously hit these organisations hard, so that many of them are nearly collapsed. Since Eugene’s team consists of volunteers, they rely on donations most of which have now disappeared. Consequently, it is urgently necessary to use private donations to ensure that this important work can still be continued in the future. 

I know that Corona has also hit many of you financially and that is surely not the best time to appeal for donations. Nevertheless, I ask those who can afford it despite of this to support the PHALABORWA NATURAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION. To everybody else: Please share this post and make sure that it reaches as many people as possible!!!

At the end of this post, you will find the original message of Eugene, contact details as well as a PDF that introduces the foundation. Thank you so much! <3


Message from Eugene:

Hey Marius, hope you guys are doing well. I’m reaching out to all my international contacts. The conservation non-profit we started has become a 24/7 job and we are in a desperate need for funding. I’ve put together an introduction letter and I’m asking everyone to send it around to all their contacts and maybe to some international companies. If we don’t get funding we will have to close down the non-profit and I will have to seek permanent employment, most likely away from this area. Hopefully we can start with volunteer programs after this whole covid nonsense dies down and the world returns to some form of normality. I will send you the Intro letter, have a look at it, please give some feedback and if possible circulate it around.




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