BORN IN AFAR 2022/23 – new faces behind the scenes

My decision not to play any more concerts wasn’t an easy one. However, even if the reasons were/are very different, I realise that this decision was good for me. Even though my time is very limited due to my legal clerkship (primary school teaching), I’m finally motivated to work on various projects related to BORN IN AFAR again. The most important thing for me as an artist is that creativity finally comes back…

It is still planned to release a “Conservation EP”, which proceeds will be donated in full to various animal welfare organisations in South Africa. However, this plan can only be realised if enough people support it. Thus, the cover videos are of course not created without a certain background. Although I have selected songs that fit BORN IN AFAR thematically and have a special meaning for me, they mainly serve to make more people aware of my music. So, if you like them, please give them a like and share.

Even if it is very liberating for me to work alone and without pressure on new music and concepts, it would be utopian to believe that I can implement every idea on my own. Even though BORN IN AFAR ultimately remains my solo project, there are some important people behind the scenes without whom it would not be possible for me to continue. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to these people:

First of all, I need to thank my brother Malte again, who showed full commitment with hands and feet at the last concerts. Without him I wouldn’t want to play a concert anymore. The same applies to my parents, who are always at my side with advice and action. Especially when it comes to realizing my ideas – without them the scenery of the cover videos would probably not be finished today. In addition, there is my girlfriend Susannah, who always cheers me up, puts me in a good mood, supports me in everything and motivates me to continue on my way. Without these people, BORN IN AFAR would probably not have existed for a long time.

With the new chapter, however, I also have some new faces at my side who are essential in enabling me to publish high-quality songs and videos: Lennox Burai and Steffen Niers (LVX – media design and marketing) are responsible for the moving images. They bring great ideas and always try to implement all my wishes. The cooperation is fun, uncomplicated and the results are really impressive. A thousand thanks for that!

Finally, there is Michael Potthast, who always gives 200% to get the best possible sound from my music and always makes the songs a little bit better with good ideas. We’ve actually known each other for a long time, but in the last year our collaboration has turned into a real friendship. Probably nothing would work without Michael. I really can’t thank him enough!

The picture was taken after the video shoot for “Send Me On My Way”. The next shoot is planned for the end of November. So hopefully I will be able to publish the next video soon.

Here is the link to the latest video again: