Concerts at the “Summer Festival” and at the “Markthalle Acht”

The sun is burning down from the sky and the temperatures in Germany approach the feeling that so many BIA songs originate from.  Since it is difficult to work I took the chance to recall to eventful evenings.

I’m talking of our concerts at the “Summer Festival” and at the “Markthalle Acht” for which I really would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all participants.

I am a really critical man, particularly if it concerns me or my work. However, we got so much positive feedback on both evenings that I really felt flattered and thus await the future extremely positive. It was really nice to see so many people listening and to realise that the songs are able to move something. At the following meetings there has been talked of goose bumps, the lyrics were described as “getting under the skin” and the one or other admitted that he had to shed a tear. Lots of children were standing in the first row celebrating the drums and if somebody leaves his place in order to grab his son to sit down in front of my feed, it is a very special feeling that I won’t forget that fast. I also felt the very first time like one of those musicians I adored so much with the age of 13, 14, 15, when a little girl claimed for autographs and photos. Thank you very much!

Special thanks to “Markthalle Acht”, the Emotional Zone and the team of the “Summer Festival”. Thank you to Heinz-Werner Vesting for the great photos, to the „fan club“ and to everyone who stood in front of the stage. Of course, also to my buddies, Jonas and Malte, without whom no concert would be just half as much fun!

Now it is summer break, which is surely not a break. I’m sitting at the desk again, working beside my bachelor thesis on new songs, revising older songs and conceptualising ideas for many videos. You can look forward to further “Sofa Session Series”, a “Super Special Brother-Duo-Session” and a music video for the song “Turkana”!