Final BIA Gig – Rock die Farm (NAJU Umweltfestival)

On the 4th of June 2022 we will play our very last show – BORN IN AFAR will continue to exist as studio project. There are several reasons for this:

1. I still miss suitable musicians to put my music live into practice the way it was written and to take the next steps as a “real band”. Every concert involves too many compromises and challenges which spoil my fun in making music.

2. For professional reasons there won’t be enough time for rehearsals and concert preparations during the upcoming years.

3. I realised that I enjoy it (in the current situation) more to compose music than to play it live. I formed BIA as a solo project and although there are several advantages for me, I have to admit that I cannot fulfil all the required tasks properly. Therefore, it is the logical consequence to quit everything connected to live shows in order to gain fun in making music again, to write more music and to keep BIA alive. I have a very big list of ideas which I wasn’t able to realise due to time issues – this is finally about to change.

I don’t want to exclude that live shows will (maybe as a band) ever happen again but for now, Malte and I will play our farewell concert at the “environment festival” of the NAJU (conservation youth of the local conservation union NABU).

Link to the environment festival:ür-jugendliche/jugendumweltfestival/anmeldung/

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