Bachelor thesis & new possibilities!

My bachelor thesis dealing with “The Evolution Theory in Nineteenth-Century England” is finally written and after several month of hard work I have now the time and the clear conscience to work intensively on my music again!

It is no secret that modern biology and in particular Darwin’s works obviously served as source of inspiration for some of my lyrics. Nevertheless, I already investigated this issue a lot, but definitively learned much more about Darwin and not least about which impact his thoughts had back then and how they still influence science today.

Although it was highly interesting for me to work on the topic in great detail, I am happy and relieved all the more that I am able to spend more time in (re-)writing some songs again. Therefore I got myself an awesome sound library which will hopefully help me to provide some good quality demos very soon. There are interesting sounds in progress! So please have still a little patience, it will be worth it! Promise!